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Our Mission

To deliver communication campaigns that create massive results for clients who make their communities a better place. 

Our Story

After spending years in the commercial film production community, Mack Stannard wanted to bring the tools and benefits of high-quality video production to businesses serving their local communities. 

OTW was formed after connecting with skilled media buyers and online advertisers. We began our journey by offering friends with small businesses our services for free - proving that we could in fact create results for their business. In a short period of time, we were doubling our client's leads, filling their bookings, and adding thousands of dollars in their revenue. 

We still do the occasional large scale media production but we LOVE working with clients that we KNOW we will be able to create immediate results for. 

Our team


Mack Stannard

Executive Producer 

Mack has produced dozens of commercial projects for companies large and small. He has written and produced documentary content for CBC and National Geographic. He got his start in media as a story producer for CBC after completing a business and communication degree at SFU. Mack knows how to weave marketing techniques into entertaining media. 


Digital Advertising Specialist 

Ryan has worked in digital advertising for 3 years with a focus on Facebook and Instagram targetted Ads. He has a degree in Communication and Marketing from BCIT. 

Maddy Chang 

Production Coordinator 

Maddy is a graduate of UBC Film program. She has produced a number of award-winning short films. While at UBC she worked for the university creating video campaigns to promote school programs. Maddy will be starting her Masters of Management in the summer of 2021. 


  • Produced commercials for Uber, Honda, KD, Levis, Specialized, and other international brands

  • Story Producer at CBC

  • Communication roles at SFU, BC Lions, and the Government of British Columbia 

  • Producer for National Geographic TV series 


  • 2 years in house at Vancouver's largest digital advertising agency - Major Tom

  • Has built dozens of media and advertising strategies from the ground up 

  • Designed the campaign for Prezler Law, which resulted in a 300% increase in their case acquisition. 

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